Monday, 19 November 2012

Happy Birthday

We celebrated a Birthday over the weekend but not a Birth day. Luckily baby is not going to share it's birthday with it's Daddy although that means I'm still sitting here, the size of a house and feeling rather fed up. 

It was lovely S's Birthday on Saturday and I ignored his claims that I shouldn't be baking cake in my condition and made a very simple plain victoria sponge, iced it with plenty of buttercream and let little F choose what decorations. If I say so myself it was delicious. The three of us have more or less polished the whole thing off. And despite the no baking comments I'm just about to start on a banana loaf now. Keeping busy is best right now, and I hope that I may encourage baby to come if I keep on my feet and stay active. Tomorrow is officially 40 weeks so it could be any time now. I'll keep you posted. 


Edit - You may have noticed I've made a few changes around here. I've been feeling for a while that everything was looking a bit cluttered and busy and I wanted the pictures and text to really stand out. So I've cleared all the background stuff and deleted quite a bit of stuff from the side bar. Also, I've gone for just one side bar. You can now find my list of blogs I love via the tab at the top of the page which will take you to a separate list. I'm just in the process of adding links to that list. I've also dropped the label list and archive down to the bottom of the page. I've written a new 'about me' page which you can access again via the tabs at the top. You can find the link to my email address there and I may add to that page from time to time. Hope you like the new uncluttered look. F x


Isobel said...

Awwwww, what a lovely cake!
I bet it was really delicious! :)

Oh, I remember well the last days of my pregnancy. I remember being well fed up and praying everyday that Joey would come out!

the vanilla squirrel said...

I could just do with a slice of that yummy cake...... Miserable pouring rain here! So exciting with your baby due any moment...... Remember that waiting myself..... Unbearable but enjoy the peace and quiet.... Life is wonderfully never the same again!good luck thinking of you x

Love from Poppy said...

Mmm yummy cake. I feel like eating smarties now.
I`m sure it won`t be long for baby now. Enjoy your baking.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Perhaps your nesting, blog that is! Lovely cake! Just remember, baby won't stay in there forever! :) x

mrsrobinson said...

I like the new look... and the yum cake looks so cheery!

thelinencloud said...

Love the new look and that cake looks lush ... hopefully your little one will soon make an entrance ... it is tedious wondering everyday if this is the day they will be born ... keep on baking I say ... Bee xx

magie said...

That is one yummy looking cake!
Any day now then, I look forward to hearing the exciting news.
Magie x

Peas & Carrots said...

What a delicious looking cake. I'll be thinking about cake for the rest of the day now, not good when on a diet. Hope you are feeling well. Looking forward to the announcement post.


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