Wednesday, 27 June 2012

What to do ....

.......when your darling little boy decides it would be fun to pick the lovely geranium head that is just about to bloom in one of your garden pots. Pop it in a jolly little jug and wait for it to bloom on the shelf in the sitting room instead!


Monday, 25 June 2012

It really is Summer

Despite all the awful weather we've been having we did actually get some sun this weekend. 

Yesterday we woke up to dull grey skies and showers on and off. We managed to dodge one when we popped into town in the morning. The day didn't seem promising at all......

But as we finished our delicious roast chicken mid afternoon the sun really came out and the clouds started to get fewer and further between. Lovely S suggested we jump in the car and drive 20 minutes to one of our favourite walks. 

I'm sure I've posted about this walk before as it is very local to where we used to live in Oxfordshire. It's an old railway that has now been turned into a lovely walkway through the countryside. I love doing this walk as you really get to see the changing seasons. 

Little F fell asleep in the car on the way there and slept for a while in his pushchair. But when he woke he loved it. It's perfect for him at he moment as he is still a little wobbly on his feet so the flatness of the path is a great place for him to practice his walking. Plus there is so much to see. 

He loved looking down at the animals in the fields below. 

He was particularly keen on the cows which he declared he wanted to kiss! We did a lot of mooing sounds to say hello to the cows. 

I'm just hoping we have more sunshine like this so we can get out and about and enjoy the lovely countryside that we have so close to us. What have you been doing this weekend? Did the sun shine for you?


Friday, 22 June 2012

Folksy Friday

I want to make Fridays Folksy day. Folksy is such a great site filled to the brim with gorgeous things to buy. However, I feel that it is still a lot less well known than many other selling sites. So every Friday I'm going to be sharing some of my favourite things.

Here's today's selection -

I love all of Michele Webber's work and this is one of my particular favourites.
Buy it here.

This is such a cute cosy from Vintage Town. 
Buy it here.

This is the sweetest little mushroom house by Hippywitch Crafts.
Buy it here.

PantandPaper have some lovely brooches but this is one of my favourites.
Buy it here.

The cutest caravan by Caroline Rose Art.
Buy it here.

I really hope you like what I've shared today. More this time next week.


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Early morning stitching

A peaceful start to the day today which was much needed as little F has kindly passed his cold germs to me. The rain was tipping down so we put on a lamp and lit a candle at the breakfast table. As little F munched his toast and marmite and chatted away to me (we're getting some 3 word sentences now!) I took out the hand stitching I started last night in front of the TV.


This morning we've had fun with a visit from a new friend and her little boy. He's 3 and a bit so older than little F but a very sweet boy so they played happily together and enjoyed vanilla fairy cakes that I baked last night. Luckily the rain stopped for just a little while so we hurriedly put on coats and boots(is it really June?) and headed round the corner to our local park for some much needed fresh air.


The sun had finally come out and I'm now enjoying a bit of peace and quiet while little F naps. The cold has really kicked in now but I'm having to suffer it as I don't like to take even paracetamol while pregnant. Lemon and hot water is good though. Time for some blog browsing now and perhaps one of those vanilla cakes? 'Feed a cold'! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Dotty lavender bag available here.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tidying and Organising

It's been a busy week here. There's been quite a bit of going out and enjoying ourselves for little F and me which is nice but I have to say I'm not the kind of person who likes to be out and about all the time. I like to have home time too. I like to be on top of things in the house and I do get a bit twitchy if things start to get neglected and disorganised.


We started on a big decorating project last weekend which is basically to paint every room in the house hopefully before November when our No. 2 is due! We did well. In four days we completed our bedroom and the Hall, Landing and Stairs. Much more than I thought we would manage. We do still have glossing to complete but it's looking really good so far. I'll share some pictures once I've prettified and got pictures up etc.


So as well as a general untidiness developing due to our gadding out and about, there was also a fair amount of post-painting disorganisation going on. By Friday a day in the house was very much needed and I felt the need for some serious tidying and organising. I think they say that the nesting urge is supposed to kick in in the last few weeks of pregnancy(I didn't experience it last time due to F being so premature) but for me it seems to have already kicked in. I'm feeling the need not only to tidy but to sort and organise.


I started out doing a bit of dusting and one thing led to another. Before I knew it I was re-arranging ornaments and I had all my books of my section of the bookcase and totally reorganised. It had become a bit of a dumping ground lately for all sorts of bits and bobs from paperwork to sewing to little F's toys. It was not a pretty sight!


But now I am very happy with how it is looking. It's nice to have all the books in a different order. I'm seeing them with a new eye and looking at things I haven't looked at for a while. The junk has been thrown or recycled. F's toys are where they should be and the paperwork is all neatly filed where it should be.


It's a good start. The next job is to start on putting pictures up in our room and the hall. I have three up in a group in the hall and it is already looking lovely. Then to make a curtain for the window on the stairs and a roman blind for the little hall window. It's a good job I have a reasonable amount of energy at the moment! Five more weeks until the summer hols then S will be off for six weeks and we can continue on with the painting marathon. The Kitchen is next on the list as the area of walls to be painted is pretty small so should be just a day job! Lets hope my energy levels last!


Friday, 1 June 2012

Spring Blossom

Hello. Are you still there? It's been a while since I chatted to you. Actually I didn't really think I'd be back here again. I really lost the blogging love but I'm very glad to say I've got it back again. I've been spending so much time lately catching up on some favourite blog reads and finding some new ones too. So this is just a quicky to say I'm back and there will be more coming from me. Yes, I know I've said that quite often but this time I mean it. For now, I'm wishing everyone in the UK a fab Jubilee weekend. Lets hope the sun shines on our wonderful Queen. Fiona x


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