Thursday, 21 June 2012

Early morning stitching

A peaceful start to the day today which was much needed as little F has kindly passed his cold germs to me. The rain was tipping down so we put on a lamp and lit a candle at the breakfast table. As little F munched his toast and marmite and chatted away to me (we're getting some 3 word sentences now!) I took out the hand stitching I started last night in front of the TV.


This morning we've had fun with a visit from a new friend and her little boy. He's 3 and a bit so older than little F but a very sweet boy so they played happily together and enjoyed vanilla fairy cakes that I baked last night. Luckily the rain stopped for just a little while so we hurriedly put on coats and boots(is it really June?) and headed round the corner to our local park for some much needed fresh air.


The sun had finally come out and I'm now enjoying a bit of peace and quiet while little F naps. The cold has really kicked in now but I'm having to suffer it as I don't like to take even paracetamol while pregnant. Lemon and hot water is good though. Time for some blog browsing now and perhaps one of those vanilla cakes? 'Feed a cold'! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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1 comment:

Isobel said...

How wonderful you are pregnant again!!! Yay! :D
I hope your cold goes away soon, Fiona. Thank you for your comment on my blog. It means a lot to me.
You stitching work looks lovely. So you. :)


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