Thursday, 27 January 2011

2011 - The year of the camera

Throughout the month I've been seeing lots of lovely 'year in photos' posts. It made me realise just how few photos I took last year.

There was a time when I always had my camera ready for taking photos, mainly with my blog in mind. But last year I seemed to lose that creative urge, I guess due to being pregnant and feeling pretty horrid most of the time. So I looked back through my photo files to see just what I had in the way of photos to share with you all that were a record of my year and it was a very pathetic collection.

Infact, it was really just a few trips that provide the photos in these collages. At New Year 2009/10 we went to Vienna for a truely wonderful trip. In June we were in Sicily for a Wedding. Then in the Summer we visited our favourite Belgium followed by camping in Dorset. Finally, I took a few shots at a wonderful agricultural show in the Cotswolds.

I've managed to create these four collages from a selection of photos taken on these trips along with just a handful taken at home, the hot air balloons that are a regular sight over our house in the summer, and some lovely roses bought by lovely hubbie. But really the photos don't add up to much. Not nearly as many as I have taken in previous years. Of course I have dozens taken from October until now of my beautiful boy but I don't want to share them on the internet. Infact taking photos of him is my favourite subject right now, but I vow that I will take more photos of everything else this year. I want to be able to look back next January and prepare a collage like the ones above for every month of this year. I want to capture every aspect of life this year so I will be taking my camera with me at all times this year. Now we've just got to hope for some sunshine to light things up a bit.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

New Book Love

It's been a while since I allowed myself the purchase of any new books. Now I'm not working I have to think about the pennies, but as I had some Christmas money left to spend I decided to treat myself.

So I was very excited when I heard the Postman knock on the door this morning bringing my little parcel from Amazon. Little F has just gone down for a nap so I finally had chance to have a look at the contents and I'm not disappointed with my choices. I thought I would share a few images with you.

My favourite of the two is 'The Comforts of Home' by Caroline Clifton-Mogg. It's a beautiful book and filled with lots of lovely images. I have to admit that there are a handful that I already have in other books, but not many. Most are new to me and are totally inspirational. I'm loving this armchair above. We're hoping to move house this year and my mind is already working over time on how I will decorate a new home. A little kitchen corner like the one below would be perfect.

I'm really excited about looking for somewhere new as our current home is not really to my taste. I may have mentioned before that it is the house that lovely S has lived in for some time before we met and married and so I moved in and sort of had to fit my things in where I could. This house was quite a comfort to him when he was on his own and therefore he is quite set in his ways about it and has been very reluctant to let me make any changes. I've made the odd tweak but haven't done any re-decorating so the thought of us having somewhere new together, a blank canvas for me to work on is very exciting. How I would love a bath like the one below. Might be a dream too far!

The following two images are from my other book, 'Kirstie's Homemade Home' by the lovely Kirstie Allsopp. I really enjoyed watching the TV series that the book accompanies and the book is very nice although I'm not sure I would have paid full price for it. It was less than half price on Amazon. It does contain some lovely images though and there is a lot to read which I do like in a design book as well as the pretty pictures. There is a really fab resource section at the back too which I will be reading in detail.

I loved this dresser below. Love the way that it is so crammed with stuff and looks really used.

Well I must be off. Time to go check on the sleeping munchkin and think about making some dinner.

Bye for now. F x

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Happy Feet

Please indulge me for just a little while longer while I linger on all things baby. But I couldn't resist showing you these two adorable pairs of shoes that have been bought for little F.

This cute pair were a Christmas present from my Sis Catherine. Very appropriate given that his Grampy is a keen sailor. Too big just yet but I think he's going to look very cute in them in a month or so.

This second pair arrived in the post yesterday from my oldest, bestest friend Becky, her Husband and little girl. Aren't they just beautiful? They're bigger again so I don't think he'll be into them until at least the Spring. Something to look forward to.
We're starting to find something of a rythm to our day now which is nice and later this week will be venturing to a postnatal Mum and Baby group which will be really nice as we've stayed away from groups and clinics due to little F being so tiny and fragile and more at risk from infections. Due to his extremely early arrival we didn't get to do any groups prior to birth where I might have met other Mummy's so it will be nice to meet some now.
I have a few crafty ideas in my head but the chances of getting to them for the time being are slim as I am just too much in love with my little boy to drag myself away to other things and when he sleeps I tend to do a few chores, catch up on a bit of sleep and generally just gaze adoringly at him peacefully sleeping. However, I do intend to up date my etsy shop again with things that I have already made and open up my little blog shop here again. I have managed to spend more time catching up with the blog World of late and it has made me realise just how much I miss being creative. The job I was doing prior to little F's arrival was just so exhausting and uncreative and on top of that the pregnancy was extremely difficult so that not only did I have little time for blogging, creating was put on the back burner too. I'm so looking forward to the year ahead. We have our little boy and there is a whole World of crafty, creative and fun times ahead.
Well I must get on. I only meant to show you the shoes and have ended up rambling. But that's good I think. I think it means I have got my blogging voice back again. I hope to post once a week so for now, see you next week. xx

Sunday, 2 January 2011

To the New Year

Cheating photo wise today as this one was taken nearly three years ago. They're the second flowers S ever bought me, on our fourth date. Ah, sweet.
Normally I'm not too keen on New Year but this year I am feeling so positive about it and thoroughly looking forward to 2011 as I really take on my new role as Mummy and Homemaker.
So I just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone in Blogland a very Happy New Year. Hope 2011 is everything you dream it will be.
See you all very soon.
Fiona x


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