Thursday, 27 January 2011

2011 - The year of the camera

Throughout the month I've been seeing lots of lovely 'year in photos' posts. It made me realise just how few photos I took last year.

There was a time when I always had my camera ready for taking photos, mainly with my blog in mind. But last year I seemed to lose that creative urge, I guess due to being pregnant and feeling pretty horrid most of the time. So I looked back through my photo files to see just what I had in the way of photos to share with you all that were a record of my year and it was a very pathetic collection.

Infact, it was really just a few trips that provide the photos in these collages. At New Year 2009/10 we went to Vienna for a truely wonderful trip. In June we were in Sicily for a Wedding. Then in the Summer we visited our favourite Belgium followed by camping in Dorset. Finally, I took a few shots at a wonderful agricultural show in the Cotswolds.

I've managed to create these four collages from a selection of photos taken on these trips along with just a handful taken at home, the hot air balloons that are a regular sight over our house in the summer, and some lovely roses bought by lovely hubbie. But really the photos don't add up to much. Not nearly as many as I have taken in previous years. Of course I have dozens taken from October until now of my beautiful boy but I don't want to share them on the internet. Infact taking photos of him is my favourite subject right now, but I vow that I will take more photos of everything else this year. I want to be able to look back next January and prepare a collage like the ones above for every month of this year. I want to capture every aspect of life this year so I will be taking my camera with me at all times this year. Now we've just got to hope for some sunshine to light things up a bit.


ahomespunyear said...

I think your photos are lovely. I always seem to leave my camera at home when I see something really interesting...very annoying!

Wild Rose said...

Beautiful collages and what wonderful places to visit.

Marie x


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