Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Happy Feet

Please indulge me for just a little while longer while I linger on all things baby. But I couldn't resist showing you these two adorable pairs of shoes that have been bought for little F.

This cute pair were a Christmas present from my Sis Catherine. Very appropriate given that his Grampy is a keen sailor. Too big just yet but I think he's going to look very cute in them in a month or so.

This second pair arrived in the post yesterday from my oldest, bestest friend Becky, her Husband and little girl. Aren't they just beautiful? They're bigger again so I don't think he'll be into them until at least the Spring. Something to look forward to.
We're starting to find something of a rythm to our day now which is nice and later this week will be venturing to a postnatal Mum and Baby group which will be really nice as we've stayed away from groups and clinics due to little F being so tiny and fragile and more at risk from infections. Due to his extremely early arrival we didn't get to do any groups prior to birth where I might have met other Mummy's so it will be nice to meet some now.
I have a few crafty ideas in my head but the chances of getting to them for the time being are slim as I am just too much in love with my little boy to drag myself away to other things and when he sleeps I tend to do a few chores, catch up on a bit of sleep and generally just gaze adoringly at him peacefully sleeping. However, I do intend to up date my etsy shop again with things that I have already made and open up my little blog shop here again. I have managed to spend more time catching up with the blog World of late and it has made me realise just how much I miss being creative. The job I was doing prior to little F's arrival was just so exhausting and uncreative and on top of that the pregnancy was extremely difficult so that not only did I have little time for blogging, creating was put on the back burner too. I'm so looking forward to the year ahead. We have our little boy and there is a whole World of crafty, creative and fun times ahead.
Well I must get on. I only meant to show you the shoes and have ended up rambling. But that's good I think. I think it means I have got my blogging voice back again. I hope to post once a week so for now, see you next week. xx


busybusybeejay said...

Those shoes are so cute.Hope you and the baby are doing well.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Hi I used to read your blog ages ago and now I see you're back again and with a little baby boy! Congratulations!!
Absolutely gorgeous shoes!

Wild Rose said...

Oh aren't these shoes adorable? I particularly like the sailor shoes. Enjoy these precious baby days and have a wonderfully creative New Year.

Marie x

ahomespunyear said...

Ah, such sweet little shoes...it's a special time now, with your baby...relax and enjoy!
Margaret and Noreen


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