Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Chick chick chicken

Lay a little egg for me......

Yes, I'm getting into singing nursery rhymes already. Loving that and amazing myself that I can remember the words to songs I'd forgotten even existed! How does the brain do that?

I can't believe it's been nearly two months since my last post. Well, actually I can. Life is just soooo busy with a five month old cheeky boy. I definitely have my hands full. I have however managed a little bit of sewing during nap times which has been nice and I've managed to update my etsy shop.

I had planned on making a few Valentines items but didn't get my act together in time for that so decided to start early on a few Easter decorations. These little felt eggs are hand sewn and filled with a littel dry rice to give them some weight so they hang nicely off the lovely spring branches that I gathered from the garden this morning. There are four colour combinations available and all are in my etsy shop now.

I'm loving the fact that the sun is finally starting to shine a little more frequently and actually has some warmth in it. We've been doing a lot of pram pushing and it's so nice to get out and about and see the lovely Spring flowers bursting through the earth. So uplifting.

I really have to try to make some time to get out into our garden and do some clearing as our Spring flowers are having to battle their way through last years dead folliage and leaves as well as the cold earth. Due to the arrival of little one last Autumn and all the worry he put us through there was no end of year clearing done at all. We currently have our house on the market and although we have the inside looking tidy and attractive the garden is not exactly the best of selling points just now.

Well it's time to go check on my little munchkin who has been having a lovely long nap. Then lunch and a walk to the market. Hopefully my next post will be a little sooner.
Fiona x


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