Sunday, 14 October 2012

So much I would like to do

My brain is popping with ideas and inspiration this afternoon. There is so much I would like to do. Things in the house, ideas for the garden next year, new crafts and creative things I would like to try. So so much, but as I am currently the size of a house with very little energy I am contenting myself with sitting on the sofa, eating the remains of the chocolate buttercream I made yesterday for Little F's 2nd Birthday cake, and taking a good browse around the internet adding to my inspiration.

I started the afternoon by visiting Jen's lovely blog and got all inspired by her beautiful holiday journal. I so want to create one for our honeymoon which is three and a half years ago! I also want to do some sort of journal/album for Little F so far and a new one for the new babe when it arrives. Seeing Jen's book has made me really determined to achieve these goals.

I then skipped over to Claire's inspiring blog and have spent almost an hour reading all about her journalling and notebooks. I love notebooks and want to do more with the ones I have.

The other day I was tagged by Ada on VintageSheetAddict. I'm not normally one for tagging but I'm going to partly participate in this one. These were the rules.

The Rules:

Each tagged person must post 11 random facts about themselves.

Answer the 11 questions set by previous blogger.

Create 11 more questions.

Tag 11 more blogs, with less than 200 followers.

Inform the blogs they've been tagged! 

I'm going to do half of this by giving you 11 random facts and answering Ada's questions but I'm not going to tag anyone else. 

Random Facts - Autumn is my favourite season, I hate spiders, I love the smell of woodsmoke in the winter, I'm currently addicted to Nutella, I hate tea when I'm pregnant(but love it normally), red and blue is my fav colour combination, I don't like heights or tunnels but went to the Alps as part of my Honeymoon(only mentioned this to lovely S as we were driving up our first hairpin road!), I love Christmas, I'd love to learn to dance properly, my favourite film ever is The Railway Children, I hate flying but love watching planes.

Now for the questions - 

What's on your bedside table? - a pretty lamp, a tiny painted cabinet of treasures, two pretty boxes containing some favourite jewellery. 

What's on the top of you wardrobe? ( being nosey, was what caused me to set off the alarm!) - Not very pretty. Just a small selection of overnight bags, one of which is going to be coming down today ready to be packed for hospital. 

Happiest memory? - I have two. Our Wedding Day and the moment I first saw Little F in his incubator 10 hours after he was born. 

Favourite toy as a child, or adult? - Ted H. He was my first Christmas present when I was just 3 months old. He is currently living in our new nursery and is very very thread bare and loved, not to mention well travelled. 

Your perfect holiday destination? - Anywhere in Europe, especially our favourite town of Ieper in Belgium. 

Spring or Autumn? I think it has to be Autumn by a whisker. I love the colours, smells and general feeling of being able to get snug and cosy again. But I do love the beauty of Spring too. 

What's your moto, number one rule, you live your life by! - Try to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. 

If you had a time machine, what year would you like to land in? - I'm happy right where I am. 

Roast dinner or fish and chips? - Roast dinner cooking by lovely S, just like the one I enjoyed a couple of hours ago!

What makes you 'belly laugh'? - So many things but I love laughing the most when it is my little boy or Husband that are making me laugh. 

Favourite outfit, past or present?  - Anything that's not maternity as I'm longing to get back into normal clothes again. Actually it's probably my Wedding dress which I adored. I know it's a bit typical but it did make me feel like a princess. 

Today's pics are all pretty old so sorry if you've seen them before. They all come from some pages from my inspiration journals. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. It may be nearly over but at least we've still got Strictly and Downton to look forward to. 



Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Thanks for joining in! I was really struck you didn't see your baby for 10 hours! That must have been very difficult, I was lucky that I held both of mine straight away! Bet you've made up for it since though with cuddles! Ada :)

magie said...

It was fun to read your answers to the 11 questions :)
Do you know, I couldn't stand tea either when I was pregnant..especially the first trimester the very thought of it made me feel ill (other then that I just love tea..odd!).
Have a lovely relaxing day..enjoy the chocolate buttercream!
Magie x


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