Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Magical Place

We had the most lovely afternoon yesterday visiting a garden I've been wanting to see for a long time. Here's a clue.....

The magical garden of Roald Dahl is open just occasionally for the National Garden Scheme and yesterday was one of those days. Mum and Dad had been a number of times before but came with me and little H again along with my dear little Niece Joss. Unfortunately the weather wasn't behaving quite as we would have liked and we arrived under heavy skies which then dumped a LOT of rain on us 10 minutes into the visit! Luckily it did then start to brighten up and we managed by the end of the visit  to sit outside on a sweet little bench eating home-made chocolate cake in the sunshine. 

It is a truly magical garden. Just what I was expecting. Lots of little areas with benches and seats dotted around to enjoy the views. Even the rain couldn't spoil it's beauty. I'll leave the words here and let you enjoy the pictures of this stunning garden. 

I hope you've enjoyed looking around this magical place with me. If you live in Buckinghamshire, or even further afield I would really recommend you check out the 'yellow book' and make a visit here. It really is so worth it. 



Isobel said...

What a lovely place! For sure worth a visit.

Jen Kershner said...

It's enchanting! How lucky to get to see it in person. I was just looking at a cookbook by Sophie at the bookstore on Monday. A lot of passion and talent in that family!

Rosa-Munda said...

What a wonderful garden! I may have to go and check it out. Thank you.


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