Thursday, 12 July 2012

Little Corners

Bit by bit our house is starting to feel like a home. 

We've been here for a year this coming Sunday and have lived with the previous owners decor for all that time while we got a feel for the place. This has been difficult for me as I normally like to start prettifying straight away, but I think it really has been necessary to get to know this house before we started to decorate. 

We started in half term by painting our bedroom and the hall, landing and stairs. I actually thought we would only manage the bedroom as we were away for more than half the week up in Yorkshire but we got on a lot quicker than anticipated. The light today is not brilliant so these pictures make our bedroom look a bit more washed out than it actually is. It's a beautiful sagey green, inspired by a jug that used to belong to my Grandma. It's a Dulux one called 'Willow Tree'

I really love it. We have a wall of cream wardrobes which are not fantastic but we will have to live with them for the time being. The green is a lovely contrast to the green. Anyway, although it's 5 weeks since we finished painting, the room is not finished as I haven't done any prettifying and putting up of pictures. This afternoon while little F pottered about between his room and ours, I started the prettifying process. The chair is part of our dining set and is a spare which will not fit downstairs. The table and chairs used to be my Grandparents and we inherited it from Mum and Dad who decided it was too big for them when they down-sized a couple of years ago. It's not 100% my taste as the wood is quite dark but my plan is to re-upholster all the seats as I've done with this one, and make little slip covers for the backs like this one too. It's hard to see but the fabric is also sage green and cream and is spare from Mum and Dad's livingroom curtains which I made for them. It matches the walls perfectly. 

The lovely rose print was also my Grandma's. I have another one above our bed and another one which needs some work on the frame. I love these prints. Apart from the fact that I love these type of prints, I love to have items in my home that used to belong to my Grandparents. It's a continuation. It's a little bit of them, and it reminds me of so many happy times spent staying with them when I was little. The fabric 'F' I've had a while. If you used to read my old blog you will have seen it adorning my walls in my old flat in Kew. It hasn't had a home since I started living with lovely S. To be perfectly honest he's not hugely keen on it but he'll have to grow to like it! The sweet little mirror was one that I won a few years ago on a lovely blog give away from this lovely blogSo it's all starting to come together in this room but there is much more to do before I can share a wider shot of the room with you!

Here's another tiny corner, this time of little F's room. Really we have done very little in here apart from arrange the furniture, put up a few pictures and bunting and find homes for his toys. Plans are afoot to decorate in here over the summer holidays. We're planning a simple mural on one wall and the rest will be painted an off white to keep it fairly bright as it is north facing. His curtains are cream with little multi coloured polka-dots and have a matching light shade. They were purchased from Mothercare as they match his old Moses Basket linings. These will all be moved into the new babies room before November and I am part of the way through making new 'big boy' curtains in a lovely blue ticking. I think that the teddy bear picture above will move into babies room as well and the little button picture is really just a hook filler for now. We had something larger hanging there as his old changing table was a lot lower than the chest of drawers that we have recently moved in. 

What do you think to this sweet little boat? Isn't it cute. The seagulls spin around on top. Mum and Dad bought it back from their recent holiday in Lyme Regis and I just love it. He is very fond of it too but is a little to exuberant with the poor seagulls so it lives out of reach for now. 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these tiny corners of my home. More to come as I work my way around the house. 



magie said...

Thanks for letting us have a peak at bits of your home.
I really like the paint colour you have gone for in your bedroom, it goes perfectly with the chair you have re-upholstered.
I love you little barbola mirror as, what a great giveaway win. They can be quite expensive to buy..especially the older ones.
Little F's room looks great as well, I like the bunting and the little ship with the seagulls is just so sweet.
I am still doing bits to my baby room as well..not long to go before she will actually be here :)
Happy Decorating!!
Magie x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Morning Fiona,

Thanks so much for stopping by the Lane - it's great to meet you! Thanks for sharing little snippets of your home developing. That's what they do don't they? They evolve, I am in the same boat, been here a year, still so much to do!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Sarah -x-

Wild Rose said...

Oh what a treat to see some corners of your home. We only moved into our latest place at the beginning of May and I've been busy hanging curtains this past week to replace the ugly blinds which were at the windows.

Curtains have certainly made a difference in the rooms I've done so far and we have plans to start painting the kitchen, living room and hallway soon.

I love that little boat and the cute seagulls. What a terrific find!

Enjoy your weekend.

Marie x

The Custards said...

You home looks lovely - I think that it is very exciting to get bits and bobs together and put your own stamp on a house. That mirror has created mirror envy!!
Best wishes


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