Sunday, 5 September 2010

Making me happy today....

Scumptious pink roses from my very lovely Mummy.

Also, a lovely weekend away with family vistiing a great agricultural and country show, eating lots of yummy food and having lots of laughs. Then returning to our cosy home for a snuggly Sunday evening, chilling out and gearing up for the week ahead, with a bit of hand sewing which is making me very happy at the moment.

Hope you had a lovely early Autumn weekend too. x


Cathy said...

Gorgeous flowers! You lucky thing. I'm glad you've jumped back on the blogging wagon - I've just done the same after a year 'off'.
Looking forward to reading more...

Wild Rose said...

What sweet pink roses Fiona. I hope that their scent is as beautiful as their colour.

Enjoy your week.

Marie x


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