Monday, 25 March 2013

Weekend bits and bobs

It's been a bit of a week around here. Little F came down with a yucky tummy bug a week ago and it's laid him low most of last week. To top things off he woke on Wednesday morning with conjunctivitis too! Poor little lamb. We've all been feeling just a tad fed up I can tell you. 

So in defiance of all this sickiness and the snow as well I got out the Easter decorations on Friday, braved the cold outside to cut some branches from our Elder tree and made an Easter display. I can't believe it's Easter at the end of the week. It just doesn't seem like it could be. We didn't have too much snow here but what we have had is hanging around and the forecast says we'll be getting more towards the end of the week. Where is Spring?

Because of the cold and the poorly boy we had a cosy weekend inside. There was lots of playing and snuggling and book reading. 

I love these little wooden fruits that my Sis bought Little F for his Birthday. He loves to give us all different fruits to pretend eating. Another favourite of mine are these cute wooden houses. Maybe it's because they remind me of this favourite place. I do like wooden toys best. 

Yesterday Lovely S made us a yummy roast chicken. It's been a struggle getting Little F to start eating again after the bug but Daddy's roast dinner and especially the roast potatoes are always a winner. I'm very lucky that Lovely S always cooks the roast on a Sunday. I think it is my favourite meal of the week. Just not having to cook myself makes it taste so much better! Of course we had to indulge in some chocolate treats as well. 

There was more stitching too to cheer myself up. I love to get my little tin of current projects out in the evenings once the boys are in bed. 

I'm obsessed with making these birds at the moment. I've got a number of them now to pop into my shop
I think I might add some to my Easter tree as well. 

We're having a very lazy start to Monday morning. I'm pottering doing jobs and housework but I have to admit that we're all still in PJs! We're not going anywhere. We don't have the car today and it's way to cold and snowy to be pushing the pram anywhere. So we'll take it easy. Keep warm and cosy whatever you're doing. See you soon. 



Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Hope the bugs and germs disappear soon, decorate away, it always helps! :) x

Ladybird Diaries said...

Love your Easter tree and sweet felt birds. Hope your wee one feels better soon.
M xxxx

busybusybeejay said...

Hope Little F is back to normal soon.I don't blame you for staying in and keeping warm.It takes so long to get all the layers on little ones to go out in this weather.We have been out today,the first time since Thursday but we still have 14 inches of snow.It is an amazing incredible scene out there with snow piled high everywhere.

mrsrobinson said...

Ooh, lovely sewing tin! Hope your little one feeling better...

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