Friday, 15 March 2013

Little dream house

Today I'm feeling like a would like to shrink down and go live in this cheerful little bird house my Mum bought for me the other week. 

It's going to hang from my Easter twigs along with all my little eggs. With two weeks to go do you think it's too soon to put Easter decorations out? I feel it might make me feel a little jollier than I currently do and you never know, it might actually make the sun come out and temperatures rise. 

Today I've been trying hard to get on top of some of the housework and washing. So so difficult with two little monkeys keeping me busy! The Mothers Day chocs are almost gone as a consequence! Looking forward to a cosy weekend with some friends coming over tomorrow afternoon for tea and cake and later pizza (which is turning into a bit of a Saturday dinner habit much to the joy of Little F). Hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you're doing even if the sun doesn't shine. 



busybusybeejay said...

Have a lovely day is our daughter's birthday so we are meeting up for lunch with her,her husband and our two granddaughters.Then they are off to Chester Zoo.Theatre for us tonight first.How old are your boys now?

Gillian said...

This is lovely! I'd like to live there too please. I've seen these unpainted in craft shops and always fancied buying a few and painting them pretty spring colours.

Gillian x

Swallow Barn said...

ooh I lovely the spotty roof. what a gorgeous little house!

Nikki x

Swallow Barn said...

ooh I lovely the spotty roof. what a gorgeous little house!

Nikki x

Ladybird Diaries said...

I love the little house - it looks a great place to live! Enjoy your weekend.
M xxxx

mrsrobinson said...

Sweet toadstools! So looking forward to spring now... had enough of woolie tights and boots

Little Blue Mouse said...

That's so bright and cheerful, if you lived in a house like that there would never be a dull day! Even better if you lived in a town full of similar kinds of houses but different colours and designs.


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