Friday, 10 June 2011


Today I have been finishing off making some order out of my fabric drawer. It's a very large drawer and it was very over-stuffed and not at all neat. With the move just a few weeks away(fingers crossed) I am trying to work my way around the house clearing, sorting and tidying all cupboards and drawers. This is not an easy task with an eight month old! I feel the need to do this though as I can't bear the thought of moving a whole load of rubbish with us to our lovely new home. Also, we're having the removal company pack for us and I want to make their task as easy as possible. Last year, with my pregnancy, then the problems we experienced with F's arrival into the World, then dealing with a newborn, household jobs have definitely been left and to put it mildly, things have got into a bit of a pickle. I am determined that we should start life in our new family home with things in order.

Earlier in the week I managed to go through the drawers in our large dining room cabinet. They had reached bursting point and apart from the top drawer which holds some of my table linen, I wasn't entirely sure what I would find within them. Luckily I was able to lay out a large blanket next to me, pop little F down with some toys and empty out each drawer and start the task of sorting through. Luckily he is not completely mobile yet so I was able to complete this task without him 'helping' me. He was more than happy to play next to Mummy while I discovered all sorts of long lost items.I'm now glad to say that the recycling bin is fuller, I have a number of very tidy drawers, of which I know the contents, and believe it or not, one totally empty drawer! Which just shows how much rubbish we were hoarding. I won't allow that one to be filled again until the cabinet is residing in our new dining area.

So todays job has been to finish off the worst part of the fabric drawer. Yesterday, Mum helped me by ironing and folding all the lovely big pieces of fabric and we discussed which could be used in the new house. But today I had to deal with all the little bits. I just can't bear to throw away fabric, even the small bits but keeping those little scraps tidy is not easy. Mine had turned into a total jumble and they seemed to be taking up so much space. What has amazed me more than anything, is that now all this scraps have been sorted through and ironed they are the tiniest of piles that can easily be packed neatly away ready to go to their new home. I feel very satisfied with myself. Next job - my bedside cabinet!

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I will be back again next week to share with you some pictures of our recent trip to Belgium last weekend. See you soon.

Fiona x


GardenofDaisies said...

I bet it feels great to have all that organizing done! So much easier (and cheaper) to sort before you move, rather than after. I hate to get rid of fabric scraps, but I do put a limit on how much I will keep. I have two (small) bins of leftover scraps and they are all organized by color. But once those get full, I start making donations. My local quilt guild collects for an auction once a year, and they take bags of cotton scraps. And there is a retirement home nearby that uses scraps in the activities room.

Posy said...

Hi Fiona
Lovely to hear from you & what exciting news about your upcoming move. Look forward to hearing all about it.
Love to all.

sadie said...

found your blog via Cherry Menlove.
Ah, the time thing with a baby. It's not easy finding time to do ANYTHING! That first year is certainly a topsy turvy time. I found it really hard, and craved time to myself. Now my little girl is 5,has just started school, time really does fly by.

Love your blog. Will visit again if that's ok.



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