Friday, 27 May 2011

Moving On

So yet again it has been an age since I was last year. I'll be amazed if anyone is still calling by here but if you are, thanks for sticking with me. Really, I never realised how difficult it could be to find any 'me' time now I am a Mummy. I've had the odd fleeting moment when I've thought maybe I should just stop trying to keep this blog going, but the truth is I just can't let it go. I miss being a real part of blog land and am determined to get back to it if little one will allow me. The great thing is that I now have a real incentive to blog and something hopefully interesting to write about again. The 'moving on' in the title refers to the fact that we are, 'fingers crossed', finally moving house. Our house has been sold for a while but it has taken us a little while to find something new. The place we had our heart set on since last year prior to little F arriving hasn't worked out so we had to go back to the drawing board. It's been tough as everything we liked was beyond our budget now I'm not going back to work, and there was very little in our budget in the area we really wanted. But in the end we found something. It's just about in the area we want, just a little to the edge, and has the space we want to make into a lovely family home. The outside of the house is not exactly beautiful as it was built in the 60s(enough said) but it has potential. The inside and the garden are a total blank canvas and my mind is already racing thinking of what I(er we) can do to it. It needs completely re-decorating(hooray!), a new kitchen(even bigger hooray!) and probably a new bathroom as well. The front and back garden are just lawn with a few overgrown shrubs to the edges of the back garden so both crying out for some landscaping and lots of new flowers. I have to admit that S is just a little frightened by the prospect of so much decorating as he doesn't claim to be Mr DIY but with me leading him through it and just a little technical help from Father and Father-in-law I know it will be fine. He can always take F out while I get busy with the paint brushes!

So you see, I will have lots to share here. Lots of before and after shots hopefully. I just can't wait. So please keep your fingers crossed for us that everything goes smoothly with the purchase and before long I will be able to share it all with you here at Linen and Roses.

I hope to be back again soon sharing a few of my design ideas that are already going through my head. In the mean time have a fab weekend and thanks for sticking with me here while I have been such a boring blogger.

Fiona x


SarahB said...

You must be really excited to be moving!!

I too live in a house that is pretty uninspiring from the front (1970's semi) when I would be much happier in a Victorian one, but you don't look at the outside when you are in your home and the good thing about houses built in the 60's/70's is they usually have lovely big rooms.

Good luck!!

S x

Pearly Queen said...

Good Luck with it all. I am decorating madly at the moment to get my house ready for sale, and actually have found that I am quite enjoying it. The satisfaction of achieving something, I suppose. When I sell and buy in England, I guess I will have it all to do again....

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Good Luck! And nice to hear from you xx

Isobel said...

HI Fiona!!
How wonderful to hear from you!! Of course I will stick with you as long as you are reachable in blogland. :)
Exciting time ahead for you. Take your time coming back. I know how hard it is with a little one. I mostly blog while Joey is at pre-school or having his afternoon nap.
Hope you have lots of luck ahead!

Wild Rose said...

I hope that it all goes smoothly Fiona and that you are soon in your new home and able to let all that creativity inspire you to great things.

Marie x

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Hi Fiona

As you'll realise, I've been quite lax in blogging over the past year, so it was lovely to pick up your message - thanks for your good wishes.

How exciting to be moving house - and all those ideas flashing through your mind. You'll have such fun, and I'm sure S will soon get the hang of DIY with those past masters there to help him!

So nice to be in touch. Shall keep a look-out for updates!

Sue x


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