Monday, 14 September 2009

Beautiful Blooms

Our garden has suddenly got a very autumnal feel to it, especially after I had a good tidy up and cut back yesterday. We had the strangest weather over the weekend. Gloriously hot and sunny on Saturday so that we sat outside and pottered and even ate dinner outside, then yesterday it was dull and rather chilly and extremely autumnal.

But despite the autumnal feel, there are still a few blooms to be enjoyed. A lovely verbena that Mum gave me a few weeks ago is doing very well, and thanks to my constant dead-heading earlier in the summer, my gorgeous pink rose is having a wonderful second flush of blooms. There are many more buds to come which is lovely. And my hydrangea is turning a lovely colour. I'm going to try drying these although I'm not sure quite when to cut them for the best.

As well as the blooms in the garden I've got a couple of lovely ones for inside too. After a trip to Mum and Dads last weekend we came home with these two gorgeous rose prints that used to be my Grandma's. They're been in Mum and Dads loft for a few years but with their imminent move they're having a clear out. I'd forgotten these prints until now but can picture them on the walls of the bedroom Catherine and I used to sleep in when we stayed with them. I probably thought they were terribly old fashioned at the time but now I just love them. The frames need a lick of paint and then they will adorn our bedroom walls. Much to Simon's dismay!

Aren't they gorgeous?

The sun is out again today so I'm off up to my work room now to get on with more new things for the shop. Have a lovely Monday. x

PS~ Just to say how lovely it is to hear from so many new people. Even after all this time of blogging, I love to discover new blogs to visit. I really do appreciate every comment that is left here. It's lovely to hear from you all. Thank you for all the kind comments about my latest creations and about poor dear Fatboy. Still no sign of him but we keep hoping. x


Lululiz said...

Your garden rose is the most delicious pink, wow. And the prints are very beautiful, I'd give them house room as well.

LittleGem said...

Ooh what beautiful photos in this post, and those prints are lovely - I have one of them and its cleaned up really nicely. I know some people see them as old fashioned but if they are on a plain wall they look really pretty.
Sorry to hear about the cat, fingers crossed for you xxx

bellaboo said...

Those prints will be perfect in the bedroom.Isn't it funny how these things are coming back into fashion again!Your hydrangeas are a lovely colour.The best time to cut them is when the larger petals are starting to fade or change colour,and the tiny flowers on topof the coloured petals are just beginning to can let them dry on the plant,until the petals feel papery.Bellaboo

Sarah said...

What pretty flowers and those prints are so lovely!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hi have just discovered your lovely blog.

Loving your pretty flowers. And your lovely rose prints very pretty.

Hope you find your kitty.

MBBx said...

I could almost smell those flowers! How beautiful! Suzie. xxx

Sarah said...

What a naughty pussy cat! Your weather sounds a bit like ours but we are Spring over here. Bit colder today but really hot yesterday. Guess we'll all get colds soon!

Love those rose prints too. And the real ones in your garden are so lovely too. You have such a lovely garden.

Gep said...

Your garden is so pretty! I love pink flowers too. Can't wait to see more pictures of it in the spring.


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