Monday, 27 May 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (2/52)

:: Something rare, a Bank Holiday weekend filled with sunshine. 

:: Seeds to plant. The first time I've grown anything to eat from seed. Starting small. 

:: Drawing with Little F. The shapes are Mummy's creation. Not my best work but F is currently obsessed with shapes and I have to draw these simple shape people (Mr Maker inspired for those of you familiar with Cbeebies!) every time we get out the drawing things. 

:: My ever developing garden. I'm loving my hostas and alchemilla. Unfortunately everything is still a bit green and there is a lot of bare soil but there are flowers not far away. We're definitely making progress and I'm loving it. 

:: Picnics in the garden with my boys. 

Have a good week. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

I love these 52 weeks of happy posts.
Your bank holiday looks very similar to mine, lots of time spent in the garden. We have just planted some lettuce and herbs only we have a slight problem with slugs (and the neighbours cat!)
Great drawings!

Stitches and Seeds said...

I think mange tout are just about the easiest veg to grow. And they are pretty. Enjoy the sun while it lasts. xx

Ladybird Diaries said...

Some great happiest there! The little picnic looks lovely.
M x

BlackberryCrumble said...

I'm trying to join in with the 52 weeks of happy idea, so good to actually take time to focus on the positives. I remember drawing endless animals for my son to colour in when he thought I was the best drawer in THE WORLD. I miss colouring in!

The Faerie Factory said...

Oh you've taken me back I used to have to draw endless vehicles for my son. I so wish he'd been obsessed by shapes instead as I'm no artist. He's 16 now and studying hard for GCSE's and I kinda miss the sunny days sat with him and colouring. Sarah x

Gillian said...

It was so good to see the sun over the weekend, wasn't it? That outdoor picnic looks so fun. x


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