Saturday, 23 February 2013

Little Stitches

Finally I've got some time for a quick update here. Life is pretty hectic around here with my two little boys keeping me very busy. I'm longing for Spring as we're getting a bit fed up with being stuck in the house. I need sunshine and blue sky and my little people being able to run around barefoot on the grass.

To cheer myself up I have been finding a little time in the evenings for re-stocking my Etsy shop. There are some little sets of felt hearts that can be used for all manner of crafty projects.

Then there are a few Easter Decorations

These are all in my Etsy shop or in the process of going in. I love doing this tiny stitching. It's theraputic and just what I need after my busy days filled with Fireman Sam and a teething baby!



Art and Sand said...

All of your felt lovelies are so sweet. They make me want to stop blogging and go into the studio and create.

Tammy Chrzan said...

I just completely fell in love with that bunny!!!! And the eggs... Gorgeous! I love Easter, I've started decorating too, which reminds me, I need to get out a few more things today and I want to make a plastic Easter egg garland.
Have a wonderful week!
Tammy x

GenerallyGemma said...

Your comment the other week kicked me into blogging again! If you can do it so can I! How on earth you find the time for sewing though is beyond me!!!

mrsrobinson said...

Ooo... thank you for the sweet looking reminders that Spring is coming!


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