Thursday, 27 October 2011

It's been a while..

....but I'm still here.

The new kitchen is in place, although we need to decorate still. The garden is partly cleared and we are starting to make the house feel like home. There is SOOOOO much that I want to do. I have lists of lists and can visualise just what I want to do. As well as the house, I have a lot of projects in my head for re-stocking my little shop and I also have other creative business plans. I'm really really hoping that I can manage to stock the shop with just a few Christmas decorations as I have loved making these in the past.

I absolutely promise that there will be regular updates around here from now on and they will be more interesting than of late so please do keep calling by.

Today's pictures are of the cute little shed at the bottom of our garden. It needs a little work as the roof has a small hole and it is missing a board on one side above the door. I'd love to know what you think about the paint work though. Should we paint it or should be leave it as it is looking slightly faded? I can't quite decide myself. Come the summer it will have pots of geraniums either side of the door and I am planning a small vegetable patch just in front.

A small boy have just woken from his nap and is calling for me so that's all for now. Back again soon.

Fiona x


SarahB said...

The first thing I thought on seeing your shed photo (and before reading your post) was what a lovely colour it is and how charming it looks so I reckon you should leave it be!!

S x

Wild Rose said...

I would be tempted to spruce it up a little, but maybe you prefer the shabby chic look? It will look completely different when there are plants growing around it next summer.

Marie x


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