Friday, 3 July 2009


Sorry for the slightly autumnal looking image. It was actually taken last Sunday on an extremely hot and sultry day. We were on a family picnic to celebrate my Sisters Birthday, and visited a beautiful garden called Pyt House in Berkshire, open under the National Gardens Scheme. I couldn't resist snapping this amazing seed head of angelica. Don't you think sometimes seed heads can be almost as beautiful as flowers. So sculptural.

The garden was absolutely beautiful as was that of the cottage next door which was also open. Unfortunately I only had chance to take these three photos as I was kept busy with Hamish and Jossy our nephew and neice. Hamish and I spent quite some time watching the chickens pictured below and a rather beautiful cockerel. I was informed by Hamish that "He's a rooster actually Aunty Nonnie"! That's me told. Not sure if he's correct but knowing Hamish he might be. Very well informed for a three year old!

My second apology of the day is for my lack of posting. I can't believe it's been a month. I have no excuse really. It's not that I've been madly busy. I just haven't had anything exciting, pretty or positive to write about. I only ever want to put nice things on my blog. But the honest truth is I haven't had anything that special to share. I've been a grump and I've been sad a lot these last few months and I didn't want to share that here. Not what you expect to be writing when you're newly married but life isn't always nice to you just because you're newly married. We've had to deal with something totally heart breaking in the first months of our marriage and add to that the fact that I've now been unemployed for just over 8 months and feel totally depressed about it and you'll hopefully understand my absense.

But today I have a glimmer of positivity in that I have a job interview later today. My first in the whole time I've been jobless! I'm very very nervous but I'm hopeful too. My agent has told me I'm the most experienced candidate so I've just got to go in there and make them like me. I really need to get this job, both for my own sanity and for our financial stability. Don't get me wrong, I've kind of loved being at home all day and making things to sell, and I know that if I get the job I will be dreaming of being back at home all day rather than being in an office. But the fact is that I've had too much time on my own of late. Too much time to dwell on sadness. And not enough time making my own money. So wish me luck fellow bloggers and send me a few good vibes at 2.30 this afternoon!

I feel a little nervous having got that lot of my chest. This blog was not going to be about personal stuff but I just felt the need for a bit of sharing again. And just so you all know, despite the horridness, married life is still wonderful. Being married to my wonderful man is a very very positive thing in my life and I love him more every day.

I'm going to finish with a couple of pretty pictures. I snapped these pictures of the sky the other evening. I'm not sure they do it justice. It really was absolutely stunning. Thanks for reading. I will be back with prettiness again next time. x


Simone said...

Good look at the interview Fiona.x

Isobel said...

Lots of luck today and always, dear Fiona!! I will be sending positive thoughts your way at the time of your interview. I know they will love you! :)
Lots of hugs. x

Kendall Micayla said...

i hope that your interview will go well, fiona! good luck!

Serenata said...

I hope your interview went well and don't worry about sharing the bad with the good, it's what makes us human after all!

Josie-Mary said...

Hope the interview went well, fingers crossed.
Don't worry about being sad, we all feel down at times & it's good to share, that's what we're here for :)

sue15cat said...

I hope the interview went well. You must have been a good candidate to get as far as the interview stage, so many people are chasing every job at the moment.

Don't worry about being 'down' it happens to us all, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel, especially when you have someone you love, who loves you too.

Sue xx

re said...

Hope the job interview went well.

Helen @ The Beading Lady said...

Just read your comments on my blog and wanted to send you a cyber hug. I'm so, so sorry for your bad news, it's awful and soooo unfair.
There is nothing I can say to make it better but just wanted to let you know that I had read your comments and your blog and I feel for you.

Hope the interview went well.


Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Fiona

Hope you're feeling brighter now and that the interview went well. Lovely to see a new post from you and being a lover of sky photos I could just imagine how wonderful your sky was the other evening.

Happy thoughts.
Sue x

Simone said...

I meant to say good luck at the interview Fiona not good look!!! Anyway, I hope it went well for you. x


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