Monday, 25 May 2009

Mosaic Monday

I was inspired by Jane today to make a couple of pretty mosaics. The first shows some of my work and the second is some garden inspiration mainly from my parents garden apart from the bottom right corner which is one of three lovely lanterns we were given last year as an engagement present. Click on each mosaic for a much better view, especially of the garden images. Mum and Dads gorgeous house and garden are currently for sale so we may not be able to enjoy the garden much longer but I have no doubt that Mum will make an equally pretty garden in their new home. Hope you're all enjoying a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.


Sarah said...

What gorgeous photos! Love the lovely soft colours. You will certainly miss the garden, it's so sweet. The little blue house is so pretty.

Jane said...

Hello lovely Fiona,
Yay for mosaic making! They look wonderful and I can't chose between them as to which I love best.
I'm sorry I haven't answered your email but I will. I'm off to Salisbury to take my Mum to hospital but will be back on Thurs so will then.
Thank you Fiona, for being such a lovely that I don't physically have to see to know how special she is. Mr E is a very lucky man which I'm sure he knows!
Have a good week,
Much love,

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Fiona

Gorgeous mosaics. How do you do them?

Lovely to hear from you. Everything is obviously all going very well for you. I'm so pleased.

Sue x

Wild Rose said...

Like Sue, I have no idea how you put a mosaic together on Blogger ~ yours are great!

Enjoy your weekend Fiona

Marie x


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